Fresh Seasonal Flowers by The Green Witch

Liven up your home library with the colors and fragrance of an organic Green Witch bouquet. To ensure maximum freshness, the flowers are cut just before delivery. Available by courier delivery and within Bonneville, Bingham, Jefferson, and Madison counties only.


Chapolera Finca Laderas del Tapia Medium Light Roast

Chapolera offers the best single-source Colombian coffee roasted to perfection, and sales help support education in their source communities as well as eastern Idaho non-profits. This is a nice naturally processed Red Bourbon varietal grown by Finca Laderas del Tapia in Colombia’s Caldas region. It is bright but also smooth, one of the most well balanced coffees I’ve ever had. Price for each 12 ounce bag includes First Class shipping.


Chapolera Finca La Maria Medium-Light Roast

Chapolera brings us a nice medium-light roast from the Antioquia region of Colombia. Finca La Maria grows red and yellow Castillo varietals that make a perfectly bright and cheery complement for a light breakfast. Price includes First Class shipping.


Chapolera Coffee Finca La Vega Dark Roast

Finca La Vega, another farm in Colombia’s Antioquia region, grows Castillo Rosario, a varietal that when dark roasted is so smooth and flavorful, it’s easily become my favorite. Price includes First Class shipping.


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