The Baby-Sitters Club First Edition #8 & #18

Boy Crazy Stacey and Stacey's Mistake first came out as Apple Paperbacks in 1987 and 1988 respectively. These have been well loved by me, my sister, and my cousins, so their condition is acceptable or perhaps even good. They both have slight creases on the cover and a little wear on the spines. Boy Crazy Stacey's cover has a small tear. This is factored into the price, which includes First Class shipping.


Autobiography of Mark Twain vol. 1

Everything about this autobiography, from its contents to its release date showcases Twain's wit at its best. This first edition is in very good condition with the dust cover also in very good shape. Price includes Priority Mail two day shipping.


Harvest Song

A sweet historical romance by Karen Finnigan, w/a Karen Lockwood, this is an early Diamond Homespun edition in mint condition. The story, involving an apple orchard in Idaho, an East Coast transplant, and a Spanish-American war veteran, strikes just the right balance so that romance fans and readers who don’t normally like the genre can both enjoy this. Price includes First Class shipping.


Medieval England, edited by H. W. C. Davis

Pretty much every aspect of life in England from the Anglo-Saxon period to the rule of the Tudors is covered here. This book is a fantastic reference for fans of history and high fantasy. It is also in fine condition, and price includes Priority Mail two day shipping.


Walt Disney’s Bambi

This Little Golden Book is a 1984 edition. Though well loved by two generations of young readers, it’s still in good condition. Price is $4 plus $0.71 for First Class shipping.


Martin Mystery #1-6

Enjoy the full set produced by Dark Horse and Bonelli Comics. These books helped introduce my kids to adventure and science fiction literature, not to mention longer form comics. They are all in fine condition, though the faint root beer stain on the back pages of volume 1 is accounted for in the low price, which includes Priority Mail two day shipping.


Tiger on the Storm #1     Tiger on the Storm #2     Tiger on the Storm #3

   tiger on the storm 1 cover tiger on the Storm 2 tiger on the storm 3 cover

Tiger on the Storm, by Valerie Finnigan, illustrated by Richard O’Hara, chronicles the adventures of the US Air Force 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, aka the Flying Tigers, in the first Iraq war. Adapted from the war journal of then wing commander Colonel David Sawyer at his family’s request, the book provides an insider look at the war and at aviation history – when the A-10 Thunderbolts  were first put to the test in combat.

This miniseries will make an excellent gift for people who appreciate some military and aviation history in their comic books.




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